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Livre plateau de jeu : Revised Big Book of Battle Mats (A4)

Jeux de rôles, Livres Plateaux de jeu, Tous nos jeux
référence 611023
code barre/gencode 9781912803231
colisage 12
sous-colisage non spécifié

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The must have accessory for tabletop roleplaying games, the Revised Big Book of Battle Mats is a collection of battle maps detailing all the essential fantasy encounter locations. Fully wet & dry marker compatible, the maps can be written on, customised and adjusted to suit any scenario. The innovative 360° spine allows the book to fold fully in half, so each map page can be used individually, or lay flat to use the complimentary opposing pages together for a larger area.

The maps are perfect for those random encounters when the adventure takes an unplanned turn! No more drawing maps mid game, just open the book and you have an immersive map for your party to explore.

The Revised Big Book of Battle Mats will fit on your bookshelf or in your bag, offering you 60 maps at your fingertips, each with a handy 1" grid overlay to track the action!

Just open & roll initiative!!

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